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"I travel around NYC for coffee and I have to say that this coffee is absolutely amazing!"

"I love your Gelatos and I am amazed by everything in this cafe"

"Having a cup of your coffee, is like a venture. It was a great experience watching your staff do the Pour Over method."

"This is the cleanest cafe I have visited in NY... I mean the cleanest!"

"Brazilia is an amazing place! Wow! Why didn't I see you sooner!"

"This is what I call a Smoothie: all fruits no fake juices, from now on Brazilia is my new go-to place"


Brazilia Cafe is the culmination of a handcrafted experience from multi-facets of coffee, juice, foods and desserts.


As a seed-to-cup coffeehouse, café and marketplace, Brazilia is housed in a beautiful 3,600-square-foot space located in a historic landmarked building, 684 Broadway, in the heart of Noho. Using coffee beans sourced from the company’s own Brazilian plantation in the tropical mountain slopes of the Sul de Minas region, Brazilia offers the highest quality coffee experience in New York City. We are centered on an authentic and honest conveyance of the beauty and exoticism of Brazil with nuances that will excite both the palate and the imagination. Our juices, foods and desserts were meticulously blueprinted and delicately executed by the finest in each craft.


(646) 852-6348



684 Broadway
at Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10012



Monday - Friday 7a–8p

Saturday 9a - 7p

Sunday 9a–6p

The Brazilia Lab Concierge Service

Our Coffee Concierge Service offers a tasting trifecta. You can choose three different roasts brewed one method, or one roast brewed by different methods: Aeropress, Chemex, French Press or Hario Pourover.

Espresso bar and drip coffee

In this city, it’s not every day where you can slowly take in your coffee experience. For those days, you want a solid and consistent cup of coffee that can quickly be yours without the jazz. Our house drip is consistent through the year, as is our cold press, along with a concentrate cold brew that is offered seasonally. With our trusty La Marzocco Strada MP2 espresso machines, we craft espresso drinks that meet all the hallmarks of your expectations when it comes to flavor and visual presentation.


We are a full-service, all-day cafe featuring an exotic menu of delectable soups, salads, tapas, sandwiches, and beer and wine options that reflect our European and African influences, both indicative of Brazilian cuisine. Only at Brazilia, one can select a healthy breakfast including Steel Cut Oats, cultural elections such as our Brazilia Empanadas, salads that are reminiscent of breathtaking beaches like the Tuna Nicoise, and a new spin on sandwiches, including the Roast Beef Bauru and our famous Grilled Jamon y Queso. You can also pair your meal with our locally made gelato, Brazilia coffee or a freshly pressed concoction from our juice bar. If you’re looking for a light fare, our Tapas include a satisfying array of Brazilian and worldly inspired delicacies, including our Cypriot Salad, Coxinhas, Tuna Fusão, and Peru y Prosciutti that will surely enliven your palate. Another great way to spruce up any meal is with our beer and wine selection. When all is said and done, our Desserts and Pastries menu will not disappoint.


We treat your body like a temple by offering wholesome, fresh pressed juices and smoothies, fit for those who need an energy boost, a meal substitute or a refreshing drink on a hot NYC day. Our tasty concoctions will leave you wondering how does healthy manage to taste so good. Crafted with the freshest ingredients, our made to order smoothies and juices will be the best way to start, get through or end your day. Each of our smoothies and juices are made with whole fruits and veggies with every ingredient being fresh and all natural. The hardest decision of your day will be whether you’re feeling green enough for the ‘Green Mile’, fruity enough for the ‘Purple Rain’ or want something in between like ‘Banana-Rama’.



What our customers are saying about us!

November 20 - "We are not going back to Starbucks, here is the new spot!"

November 21 - "Having a cup of your coffee, is like a venture. It was a great experience watching your staff do the Pour Over method."

November 22 - "This is the cleanest cafe I have visited in NY ... I mean the cleanest!"

"Brazilia is an amazing place! wow! why didn't I see you sooner!" 

"Mr. Plinio from Brazil adores our Pao De Queijo"

"I was in Starbucks earlier today and I had their ice coffee and this is nothing compared to theirs ... "

"This is what I call a Smoothie: all fruits no fake Juices, from now on Brazilia is my new to go places"

"I love your Gelatos and I am amazed by everything in this cafe" 

"I travel around NYC for coffee and I have to say that this coffee is absolutely amazing!"

"During our lunch rush, a gentleman was waiting for a tuna salad to go and while he was standing there I apologized for the wait (not that he was waiting an unreasonable amount of time!!!). He responded that he 'would wait an hour if he needed to because it is worth it"

"Everything was perfect! We'd love to see the same in France"

"We are from the Netherlands and visiting from Orlando to NYC. All we saw and wanted to eat was fast food, until now! Your food is healthy, delicious and every bite is like heaven."